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Francesco D'Arcadia
Current Residence: Roma, Lazio, Italia
Favourite genre of music: not any in particular, just what I like.
Favourite style of art: anime/manga style
Operating System: sometimes Windows, sometimes Linux Suse.
MP3 player of choice: My trusty PSP
I playtested my hackbird some time ago. Here it is how it went.
I had to finish everything in just one evening session so I knew it would be a little rushed.
The game started with our heroes just coming out from the fallen transport. the Squad spend some time planning what to do and noticed some enemy scout fighter (a Dopp) flying over the jungle. The wreckage and smoke of the Medea Transport is visible from miles.
Miles tried to hit the fighter with his Long beam rifle but he misses by some and the fighter flies away to signal the PCs' presence to his allies.
The team moved away and splitted sending Charlene as a scout to spot the enemy fighter spreading radar and comm interference. She sets an ambush and fired her 100mm machinegun by her own initiative as Alan had only ordered a scout manouver. The fighter get hit and fell from the sky but she get stuck in the jungle vegetation while considering the possibility to leave the team and run away (she has a key on this).
Alan and Miles worried by her long absence come to search for her but when they find her, they get ambushed by three zakus.
The Team gets pinned under the Zakus' machinegun fire. Kovich breaks the enemy fire by charging them with his Gundam Blackbird. He quickly cuts the Zakus with the beam sabers.
After cleaning the joints of Charlene's mobile suit the team gets on with travel.
They get another ambush at the river they have to cross. This time captain Baumer leads the enemy squad. Cray makes his Suit jump high and fire his long beam rifle. He manages to hit a Zaku armed with bazooka and missiles.
The Gundam Blackbird is disabled by the Remaining Zakus firing bursts from their machineguns. Charlene charges Baumer and fights with beam saber against heat saber.
Meanwhile Kovich decides to activate the self destruct mechanism to avoid letting the enemy get the Gundam. Baumer offers the team the deal: let them get the Gundam and go away or die with it.
Kovich announces he's enabling the self destruction device and Baumer fold back taking his men with him. Kovich has little to no time to get away from the resulting explosion.
Charlene and Miles are facing a dilemma: get safely away or try saving Kovich risking to die in the explosion. They decide for trying.
They save him just in time and they are finally rescued by allied forces sometime after.
Kovich is taken to martial court and is then taken to a military prison for letting a precious prototype being destroyed. The Gundam Blackbird project is scrapped as a result. Just one month later the One Year war ends and Kovich is freed.
Charlene after the end of the war resumes a civilian life and can be seen taking a walk in the after war Paris.
Miles retires from military life and becomes a chef opening a little Ramen restaurant.
in the closing shot Kovich comes to Miles' restaurant and sit to have some ramen and talk.

It's been fun but a little rushed. I think the game is better if the players know about the source fiction (the Gundam UC setting, watched some episodes).
I'll have to put the rules in the character sheets as the players missed them more than one time because of not having them under their eyes.
Last thing: I rushed to get everything closed by the end of the session as there is actually more material in the game than what has been seen. For example Kovich never learned that Baumer is his lost brother and the team never reached the federation armoury outpost.

All in all a new version is in the making with rules in the character sheets and character and mecha portraits to help visualize the characters and their mobile suits.
You can get the game in the current version here ->…
  • Listening to: Passacaglia - BSG
  • Reading: the wee free men
  • Watching: nothing much
  • Playing: UFO Afterlight
  • Eating: Everything I can cook!
  • Drinking: water

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Ciao! Sono lusingato dalla proposta ma purtroppo ho una vita "intensa" in questo periodo e temo non saprei fare fronte a ulteriori impegni persino se fossi pagato. Infatti riesco solo sporadicamente a caricare qualcosa qui su deviant.
In ogni caso vi ringrazio per l'attenzione.
jok-dosu Featured By Owner May 10, 2016
Grazie per la risposta
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